Katherine's Journal

For as long as I can remember I’ve cared how things looked. Tinkering with a coffee table as a little girl to find that harmonious collection of objects, edited, arranged and rearranged until they finally made me sigh.  I learned at an early age that there was tangible pleasure derived in that obsession.
I liked how 
it made me feel.  Beauty enhances our lives in every aspect of what we see, feel and hear.  The emotion invoked by the color on the wall in a room entered, fresh scents of herbs and flowers in the air, the warmth and hand of the fabric on a cozy chair you can collapse in to at the end of the day, the light casting through the window or glowing from a warm lamp…all come uniquely together to make us feel at home.  


My work allows me to obsess over every detail in the rooms and homes of the clients I am so fortunate to have, and now, in my store, The French Container.  This work has always felt natural, it feeds my obsessions.  Hunting and gathering and then nesting with all the found treasures, old and new.  It is my belief that every room can be enhanced by the addition of something old, a forever piece. These pieces of the past bring their own story, their own energy and a balanced juxtaposition to modern life, whether it’s a simple piece of art or a statement piece in the form of an oversized armoire.  When all the components marry into a space creating the harmony and balance we all strive for, they become magical, they welcome us home……beauty has cast its spell and it makes us sigh.